Trial Class

The simplest way to discover if the yoga is proper for us is to participate to a lesson, driven by a teacher and with students of various age and experience.
At the center Sivananda Yoga in Rome, it is possible to book a free lesson in any moment of the week. Consult our Open Classes Schedules.
You don’t have to register for this lesson of 90 minutes. For the lesson, we beg you to arrive at least 10 minutes before the beginning of the class.
We advise you to wear comfortable (pants and unstuck shirts) suits and you avoid to eat for at least two or three hours before the lesson. If you don’t possess a personal rug, you can use those at your disposition in the center, covering it with a big towel.

At the end of the lesson, it will be possible to receive all the information related to the activities of the Center.
An occasion to be gathered to the flight is the possibility to participate to an Open day, they are special occasions during which the center opens the doors to all the people desirous to discover the yoga and the meditation method Sivananda.

Free Open day – The next appointment is to be define

Program of the Open Day :

10.00 class for those who already practice or have practiced yoga
12:00 class for beginners
14:00 Brunch Vegetarian (offered to the participants)
15.00 introduction to Yoga
17:00 class of Yoga
19:00 introduction to meditation