Here following the list of the kept laboratories up to July 31 st 2016

Respiration, Yoga and vital energy

The Prana (vital energy), his/her nature and his/her functions.

To understand the Prana and as to increase him/it.

Anatomy of the astral (study of the Nadis and the Chakras) body.

Theory and practice detailed of the techniques of respiraton.

Cost: € 28 for both the days

Saturday 30 April and Sunday 1 May from the 10 to the 11.30

The position on the head

Laboratory of 90′ incentrato on the position on the head, for the students that have desire to learn the position or they meet difficolt. to practise her/it.

Cost: € 15

Monday 4 April from her 20.00 to the 21.30

Mantra: Vibrations that raise the level of conscience

Tune in you on the sonorous vibrations and you observe their mystical power.