Yoga Benefits

  • It slows down the process of aging: it helps to maintain young the mind, the body and the soul and it brings psychological, physical and spiritual benefits.
  • It is useful to improve respiratory difficulty as the asthma: we have verified with the experience that to regularly perform the exercises of respiraton of Pranayama is able to check the lack of breath with success without the use of medicines.
  • It is relaxing: its use improves the blood pressure.
  • It helps in the management of the pain: it helps to resolve the ache of back, useful for the one that suffers from arthritis furnishing relief to the painful articulations. Once that you/he/she has become skilled in relaxing in case of necessity, the management of the pain it becomes simpler also helping in cases of light depression.
  • It helps the control of the weight: following a suitable feeding, besides the approach nutrizionale, the yoga one helps to subsequently lose weight but in slow and constant way invigorating the body.
  • It increases the functions cognitive: the Pranayama, using himself/herself/itself of techniques of respiraton also used by many sportsmen to competitive level, it increases the cerebral activity improving the functions cognitive.
  • It improves the attitude and the awareness of the proper one and other people’s life.
  • It improves the physical form: it not only improves the functions of the inside organs and the possible troubles, but it gives a best attitude to the life bringing great autostima. In this way, the yoga one helps to be aware of his/her own body and of his/her own personality, with the result of an approach to the positive life.
  • It improves the attitude toward some important pathologies: it improves the depressed states and anxious, it checks the diabetes and the sintomatologia of the arthritis reumatoide.