Daily Drop-in class

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
9:45 Open
10:00 Yoga for the Back Open Open Yoga for the Back
13:15 Open
60 min
60 min
17:00 Kids’ Class Open Open
18:00 Pregnancy
18:00 Open Open Open Open Open
19:00   Meditatione
Free to all
20:00 Open Open Yoga for the Back

Class Description

Our Yoga Classes last 90* minutes and include::

  • Breathing Exercises(pranayama), to improve respiration as well as calming the mind;
  • Sun Salutation (surya namaskar)to warm-up properly before stretching;
  • Yoga Postures (asana)to stretch and tone the muscles, gently increase circulation, and massage internal organs.
  • Final Relaxation (savasana)to relax the body and mind at the deepest level.
  • Meditation (satsang) Half hour of silent meditation is followed by chanting of traditional Sanskrit kirtan and mantra and a short reading or discourse on Yoga philosophy (Vedanta).

For hygienic reasons, please bring your yoga mat or a large towel to cover the mats we provide.

General Information

Wear comfortable clothing pants and t-shirt that will allow for freedom of movement and breath. Changing rooms are available.

Do not eat for at least two hours before a class.

For the Open Class no advanced registration is required. 90 minute class. Arrive 10 – 15 minutes before the class.

Cushions are provided.